1. You will receive your product email from CUE Marketplace with the Subject Welcome to CUE!.

2. In your email you will be provided a License Number, a Product Number, and a Launch Link:

(enter in picture of email)

3. Click on the Launch link and enter in the License Number and Product Number in their respective text boxes. 

4. Check the box next to I agree to the Terms of Service, you can review them if you'd like to. Then click on the Set Up Account button:

5. You will then be brought to this page, please fill out all of the information, then click on the Create Account button:

6. This will then come up on your screen:

7. This will then come up on your screen, please fill out the following information, then click Next:

8. Select what you would like to use your QuickBooks account for, you can always choose more later. Then click on the All set button:

9. You will then be taken to the dashboard of your new QuickBooks Online account: