Follow the instructions below to download Carbonite Core onto your Windows Computer.

1. You will receive an email to your Microsoft Email account with the subject Get STARTED: Complete your Carbonite Registration, the email will look like this:

2. Read the email and click Register:

3. You will be taken to a page that looks like this, fill out all the information and then click Continue (remember the email that the registration email was sent to and the password so you can login to your account through an internet browser if need be):

4. This will then come up on your screen:

5. Click on Install Carbonite on this computer:

6. You will then be brought to this page, follow the Three easy steps (boxed in red) to download and get Carbonite back up on your computer:

7. After clicking Download now the download will go to the bottom left of your screen, like this:

8. This will then come up on your screen, click Yes:

9. The Terms of Service will pop up on your computer, click I agree:

10. Carbonite will then start installing:

11. This will then come up on your screen, keep the Nickname for this computer as is and click Next:

12. This will then come up on your screen:

13. Click Start backing up:

14. This will then pop up on your screen, after watching the video, close out of the Congratulations box:

15. Carbonite will run in the background so that you can focus on your work.