Follow the instructions below to install Microsoft® Office Suite on your Windows.

1. Log on to your newly created Microsoft® Office 365® Business Premium Account by clicking on the link and entering your login information from the Customer Product Setup Email:

2. You will be brought to a page that looks like this:

3. After entering your email and password provided to you in the Setup email you will then be asked to create a new password.  Your password cannot contain your user ID, and needs to be at least 8 characters long, with at least 3 of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

4. You will then be brought to a page that looks like this:

5. Click on the Install Office 2016 in the top right corner (boxed in red):

6. This will then come up on your screen:

7. Follow the directions as stated in the box labeled Just a few more steps…

8. This will then come up on the screen after clicking Yes in step 2 of the box labeled Just a few more steps…

9. Then this will come up on your screen it will take anywhere from 5-10 minutes to fully install Office 2016.

10. It will then say this after Office 2016 is installed on your computer:

11. Now close out of this box and the box with the three installation steps:

12. All the Office 2016 programs will now be located on your task bar for easy access:

13. When you want to run any of the Microsoft® Office Suite programs you will need to type your Username and Password for your email in. Follow the sequence of pictures below to see how to go through the process: